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Tips for photographing your baby at home!

It's breaking my heart that some of my customers are missing out on their newborn sessions due to the COVID-19 shut down! 😭

So I have put together a few tips to help you take your own photos at home so those precious memories are captured....

Tip # 1: Plan to take your photos during the day, after baby has been fed

Photographing newborns when they are unsettled can be tiring for both mum and baby! When planning your home photoshoot, aim to capture your images during the day, after baby has been fed, so they have a nice full tummy, and hopefully snooze through the photos. It will make it SO MUCH EASIER!!

Tip #2: Use natural light

Natural light is best, so turn off the lights, and open your blinds in your room or nursery. Roll baby's bassinet over so it's next to a window, so the natural light from outside shines across baby's face.

The main thing is that you want the light shining across baby's face, not up baby's face:

Also be mindful that you don't block the window light with your body when you are taking the photos.

Tip #3: Keep clothing and wraps simple

Plan to use simple clothing, and wraps for baby, with colours that work well together.

For parents, dress in comfortable clothing in neutral tones (black/white/grey). Avoid clothing with logos or any bold patterns - simple is best!

For siblings, solid, soft, natural tones (e.g. white/cream/beige) work best. Navy/denim also looks great!

Tip #4: Use your home!

There are so many different styles that you can achieve with what you already have in your home! Beds with a simple bedspread, baby's nursery, or a plain painted wall are the PERFECT backdrops for your photos!

For baby, take some images of them wrapped in a swaddle in their bassinet, but also remember to capture them in just a nappy and/or naked. Try lots of different angles... The most flattering angle is to shoot down babies face, rather than photographing upwards (e.g. you don't want to be able to see up baby's nostrils).

For baby and sibling images, wrap baby up (it will make it easier!!) Get your little ones to sit up on your bed, and photograph them cuddling baby, touching baby's nose, and kissing them on their little foreheads.

For parents, stand next to a window (with the light shining across your face), with a plain wall behind you. Snuggle baby, give them a kiss, and capture it all! Make sure both parents are in some photos too!

Tip #5: Capture those details!

Details are important! Remember to capture their little hands and feet, ears, hospital bracelets, wrinkly skin, the little fuzz on their shoulders, their hair... these images are ALWAYS favourites of my customers as these little details change oh so quickly!

Hopefully these few tips will help you to capture your beautiful baby - I can't wait until this crazy time is over and I can get back into the studio again!

Talk soon...

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