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Newborn Portrait Session - Parents Preparation Guide

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Scheduling your Session Time

As babies make their entrance into the world on their own schedule, please contact Gemma as soon as possibly after your baby arrives, so we can confirm a date for your session. It is best to schedule your portrait session time for when your baby is between 6 to 10 days old, but don't feel pressured if you aren't feeling up to it so early on.

What to wear?

Children: For portrait sessions that include siblings/parents, I recommend that children are dressed in solid, soft, natural tones (e.g. white/cream/beige). Navy/denim also works well.

Mum & Dad: Dress in comfortable clothing in neutral tones (black/white/grey). Please avoid clothing with logos or any bold patterns - simple is best! It would be great if Dad can also bring along a plain black shirt with no buttons (e.g. plain bonds shirts from Big-W are great!).

Baby: Please dress baby in loose fitting clothing; something that will be easy to remove without disturbing baby on arrival. All outfits, wraps, and props for baby will be provided in the Studio, so no need to bring any other clothes for baby.

What to bring?

Please bring along:

  • Any sentimental items that you wish to include in your session

  • Dummy, if using (dummy's have been a session saver on many occasions when baby's have been unsettled!!)

  • Enough formula for 2 to 3 feeds, if using

  • Water will be provided on the day, but bring along any snacks or other drinks you wish to have

  • Toys to engage other children

  • A change of clothes for Mum & Dad, just in case!

How to prepare on the day?

It is really important for your baby to be comfortable, and super sleepy on the day of the session in order for your baby to be safe in props and to allow me to capture those gorgeous sleepy, curled up poses! It is recommended that you try to keep your baby awake for 1 hour before the scheduled session time, which is definitely much easier said than done! Try playing with your baby, giving them a bath, or tickling their feet.

If possibly, also try to schedule feeding times to feed your baby upon arrival so baby is able to have a nice full tummy at the start of the session.

Where to go?

Studio Portrait Sessions are held in Photography by Gemma’s home-based studio, located at 57 Brentwood Street, Muswelbrook.

When you arrive, go through the side gate and down the driveway to the studio.

I understand that getting everything ready to get out of the house on time can be daunting with a new baby! So if you are running late, don't stress, just pop me a message on 0435 104 929.

Session Plan

Newborn studio session times are all different, as they are led by the baby, depending on feeding, settling and cuddles. Average session times range from 2 to 3 hours.

Please be aware that whilst I do my best to settle, calm and capture your baby in props and poses, the session depends completely on your baby being settled on the day.

Sibling shots are generally taken at the start of the session, as it can sometimes be difficult to keep little ones happy and engaged toward the end of the 3 hours.

Sometimes parents choose to have family and sibling shots taken first, so Dad can then take little ones home for a nap or to the park to play while the rest of the session is completed. This is completely up to you though, whatever works best for you and your family.


It is important to stay relaxed and calm during the session – if Mumma is stressed, baby will be stressed too. Please also don’t worry about little accidents on props or blankets – this happens all the time and it is a miracle if a whole session is completed without one! ;)

After the session

After your portrait session, I will typically post a "Sneak Peek" of your session to my social media pages within 72 hours.

If your package includes a "Soft Proofing" Gallery, I will then carefully shortlist your images and upload them to a "Soft Proofing" password protected online gallery where you can view and choose your favourite images. After you have made your portrait selections, I will then focus on final retouching of your portraits - generally this takes 2 to 3 weeks.

Your finalised high resolution portraits will then be provided to you by either USB or on-line delivery, as detailed in your selected package. A copy of each images is provided in both colour + Black & White.

Hopefully these few tips will help you to get ready for your session! I look forward to meeting you!

Talk soon...

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